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The musician and composer Guilherme Dias Gomes is releasing a new album, called Leste, inspired by rhythm and music from the Brazilian coast: it has Maracatú, Baião, Samba, Bossa Nova, sophisticated ballads and even some Blues. With the new album, Guilherme is living a new experience, doing everything by himself, including album cover, manufacturing and distribution.

Working since 1991 as a music producer at TV Globo, where he signed countless soundtracks for soap operas and series, the musician decided to walk through new paths, departing from Rede Globo in 2015 to invest in what he likes doing the most: working as a musician and composer. And the immediate result is the CD Leste, which has 9 songs of his own.

Guilherme Emmer Dias Gomes was born in Rio de Janeiro, is the son of Dias Gomes and Janete Clair, two famous Brazilian writers. He is a trumpet player, a composer and a music producer. He started studying piano at age six and trumpet at age thirteen. In 1974, he graduated in Music Teaching at UNIRIO (a public university in Rio de Janeiro). In 1978 and 1979, he improved his studies at Berklee College of Music (Boston, the USA).

He released his first single as Guilherme Emmer in 1980, called You'll Never Know, which was part of the soundtrack of a soap opera called Coração Alado. Guilherme uses Guilherme Dias Gomes as his current stage name, which appears at different records from many first class artists, such as Rita Lee, Gal Costa, Paulinho da Viola, Roberto Carlos, Chico Buarque, Nara Leão, among others.

Guilherme is also requested by artists of different music styles, like Joanna, Erasmo Carlos, Kid Abelha, Fafá de Belém, Angela RoRô, Fagner and Ivan Lins. He took part in tours that went through Latin America, Europe and the USA.

His first solo work, Milhas e Milhas, released in 1988, was strongly influenced by that decade's music, incorporating Miles Davis' Jass Fusion. In 1995, he released his second album, Jazz Brasileiro, that followed the same style as before. In 1999, Jazz Fusion was replaced by Acid Jazz, with the album called Camaleão Urbano. In this work, the presence of Hip Hop and other pop elements was more clear, which was reinforced by Marcelo D2's special participation.

Guilherme produced the album called L'Amour in 2004, in which he pays tribute to all the influences that were present in his carreer. A pure jazz album.

Guilherme Dias Gomes continues on his "jazzy" path in 2009, with the release of Autoral, that comes with 11 tracks from the musician, that worked together with Rafael Vernet (piano, musical direction), José Santa Roza (bass), Rafael Barata (drums), Pete O'Neill (tenor sax) and Aldivas Ayres (trombone). Released by Delira Music, the album already won over the biggest music critics from Brazil. Besides, Guilherme was established as one of the biggest trumpet players of today.

In LESTE, David Feldman participates as music director and pianist, André Vasconcelos on the acoustic bass guitar and Rodrigo Bonelli on the drums; Marcelo Martins and Idriss Boudrioua take turns playing the sax, Firmino and Marco Lobo play the percussion and the guitarist Leo Amuedo appeared as a special guest in the album. In 4 of the 9 tracks, a string orchestra conducted by Lipe Portinho completes the arrangements.

Guilherme is full of plans for 2016: he plans to work in his international carreer with the release of the album Leste and to do what he likes the most: playing music and composing.

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